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Congratulations on your purchase of the ‘Spirit Vacuum Flask Professional’ - probably the best in the world!



Our goal with the Spirit Vacuum Flask Professional was to make the best vacuum flask in the world for professional use.

In order to do that, we asked potential customers around the world what makes the best vacuum flask for coffee, tea and iced water.

The feedback is reflected in the product you have in your hands.


In addition to several customer driven product features, the Spirit Vacuum Flask Professional has a unique and worldwide patented level indicator,

that shows (from a distance) how much coffee/tea/iced water remains. No need to lift, shake or open the vacuum flask to find out.

If the red ring shows - it is time for a refill! The advantages for customers are higher serving efficiency, better working environment for staff,

reduced waste/coffee/brewing energy – thus the only ‘green’ vacuum flask in the world. This is a valuable cost saving for customers!

We hope you enjoy the product and if you have any questions or suggestions, we would be happy to hear from you (info@spirit.dk ).



Š       Before use, please rinse the vacuum flask inside with boiling water. After that, you are ready to go!

Š       Fill the vacuum to about 2 cm below the top – otherwise it can be difficult to pour.

Š       The vacuum flask is dishwasher safe in industrial/professional dishwashers with maximum washing cycle of 4 minutes.

Š       The vacuum flask is NOT dishwasher safe in domestic dishwashers with long washing cycle.

Š       If washing by hand please use normal dishwashing detergents and a washing cloth. Do not lower the vacuum flask into water. Dry with cotton cloth.

Š       If any liquid gets between the vacuum unit and outer shell there are two possible reasons/solutions:

o   1) Reason: the body or vacuum unit is loose. Solution: Please unscrew (clockwise) the stainless steel body, empty out the liquid and dry

the body inside, tighten the stainless steel vacuum unit by screwing anticlockwise as tight as possible by hand and finish by

screwing on (anticlockwise) the body.

o   2) Reason: the product is broken. Solution: Buy a new one!

Š       To pour from the vacuum flask simply depress the button on the lid.

Š       To refill the vacuum flask, turn the lid anticlockwise and pull it up to remove. To close, turn the lid clockwise until automatic stop with button in line with handle.

Š       Do not use vacuum flask for any other liquid than coffee, tea, water, milk, lemonade or other drinks suitable for consumption.

Š       Do not drop the vacuum flask or mistreat by improper use. It may break.

Š       Do not let young children use the product due to risk of burns.

Š       Never put the vacuum flask in any hot place (microwave oven, conventional oven, stove, hot plate etc.).

Š      In the event of a claim under the guarantee please contact the seller.